About the Author

Graeme Evans was born in Nelson (New Zealand), and grew up at Ardmore and Papakura (in South Auckland).

He qualified with a BSc in Computer Science as part of his training with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. After gaining his wings, he flew Bristol Freighters, C-130 Hercules, and helicopters, before being posted (with the rank of Squadron Leader) to a Ministry of Defence position that utilized his computer skills.

After leaving the RNZAF, he worked as an in-house IT consultant for the NZ Dairy Board, before forming his own consultancy and software development company.

Through his work experience, he has developed strong abilities to think through complexity and develop solutions that work in the real world - skills that are essential for writing a book of this nature.

While Graeme finds much stimulation in all things scientific and engineering, his main passion is observing and participating in the way God works authentically in people's lives. His breadth of interest has facilitated the book's holistic approach.

Graeme lives in Auckland (New Zealand) with his wife, Mejun (originally from Taiwan), and their three adult / teenage children.


You can listen to a recording of a Radio Rhema interview on 17 April 19 at:  https://www.rhema.co.nz/shows-djs/days/item/11066-is-it-time-to-think-again